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Pastor James Tippins

“Humility and expertise rarely coincide. Dr. Dalcour, by the Lord’s grace, exemplifies the combination of these characteristics. He is able to rightly divide the truth, explain the errors, and provide clarity through teaching. He is a blessing to the faith and an instrument of the Lord for the growth of many. Any pastor should have Edward teach his congregation.”

“For those who do not have time to conduct the exegetical work necessary to refute Oneness claims but who wish to be theologically informed or to discuss the doctrine of the Trinity with theologians in the United Pentecostal tradition, Dalcour has provided a valuable resource.”

John D. Laing, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Southwestern Theological Seminary, Harvard School for Theological Studies

Event Schedule (sample) 



Dr Edward Dalcour 

The Reliability of the NT 

Are the NT documents trustworthy?  


Dr. Edward Dalcour 

Oneness Theology 

A contrast between Oneness-unitarianism and Biblical Trinitarianism 


Dr. Edward Dalcour 

Biblical Translations 

Can we trust our Translations? 


Dr. Edward Dalcour 

Biblical Apologetics 

Defending and Affirming the Christian Faith.