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DEPARTMENT OF CHRISTIAN DEFENSE is a Christian educational and apologetic ministry based in Los Angeles, CA.  The purpose of the Department of Christian Defense is to proclaim and defend the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide information to educate and equip Christians to reasonably, confidently, and accurately proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We provide apologetics teaching and resources through conferences, books, and personal classes. Contact us today!

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ABOUT Dr. Edward Dalcour

Dr. EDWARD DALCOUR is the president and director of Department of Christian Defense, an educational and apologetic ministry based in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Edward Dalcour is the President and Director of Department of Christian Defense. He is Mentor of Theology at Greenwich School of Theology (London, Eng.). He serves as Vice President of Grace Bible University based in Bagdad, FL. Dr. Dalcour holds a Master in Apologetics from Columbia Evangelical Seminary and a Ph.D. in Theology from North-West University (Potchefstroom, SA).


Dr. Dalcour is a published author of several apologetic and theological books. He is a prolific speaker, evangelist, apologist, and contributor to various theological journals and Christian organizations.  

Dr. Dalcour currently resides with his wife and family in Los Angeles, CA holding on-going Christian apologetic and theology classes.

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Providing a defense and a positive affirmation for the gospel is a divine command for the church (for it glorifies God). Christians need to take a bold stand for truth in the face of all who oppose sound doctrine.

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